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At Serial Pest Control our locally based technicians are ready to help protect your home, family or business from termites and other pests. With our technicians based in Blacktown, we can get to you quickly in the case of an emergency.

Areas serviced in Blacktown

Serial Pest Control provide pest control services to all Blacktown suburbs including: Doonside, Marsden Park, Minchinbury, Mount Druitt, Parklea, Quakers Hill, Rooty Hill, Rouse Hill, Schofields, Seven Hills, St. Marys and Toongabbie.

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

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Why Choose Serial Pest Control?

Serial Pest Control are pest control experts that go that extra mile. Not only do we deliver guaranteed results, but we believe our customer service is second to none! If you need a pest professional and appreciate “old fashioned” customer service, please give us a call.

We are fully licenced and insured to carry out pest control, termite inspections and termite treatments and are happy to share our credentials on request.

As a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), customers can have confidence in the services provided by Serial Pest Control. 

Serial Pest Control provide a full range of pest control services to homeowners, as well as regular service plans for businesses, hotels, food businesses, shopping centres, industrial customers, government organisations, schools, healthcare facilities and more.

P.S. Our customers love us! And we love them… which is why all customers get one of our customer care packages.

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Pest Control Services in Blacktown

Our Serial Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Blacktown, including:

A general pest treatment is the standard pest control treatment for homeowners. Most homeowners find that a pest treatment once a year keeps their home pest free. If a specific pest is causing a problem, sometimes a specialist pest treatment is required. For homeowners, an annual termite inspection is a must. By combining the annual pest treatment and termite inspection into the same service is a great way to save time and money.

With the large number of business, schools and residential care facilities in Blacktown, Serial Pest Control offers a range of commercial pest management services to help keep these premises free from pests. We will design a regular service plan to meet your needs and provide the necessary documentation to remain compliant with any regulations.

Key Pests in Blacktown

Being a developed city suburb, like many other Sydney suburbs, the key pests are cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents. Cockroaches and rodents being major problems in both the domestic and commercial situations, partly due to the increased number of cafes and garbage in city areas. In areas near creeks, mosquitoes can also be a problem For homeowners, termites are obviously a serious concern.

The climate in Blacktown is ideal for pests – the warm temperatures and plentiful rainfall provide ideal breeding conditions and pest infestations can get quickly out of control. Officially Blacktown has a sub-tropical climate, but as it’s inland from the coast, the summer temperatures can get very hot and winter night time temperatures can drop, with the occasional frosts. This does create more obvious seasons than would be typical in normal sub-tropical climates, meaning insect problems become more of a problem in the warmer months and rodents become more of an issue in the colder months, when they come inside looking for warmth and shelter.

Termite inspections and treatments in Blacktown.

Termite inspections and termite treatments are important considerations for homeowners in Blacktown. Whether a new brick home built on concrete slab or an older weatherboard home built on brick piers, all homeowners need to be aware of the termite threat. The chances of you suffering from a termite attack are more than a fire, flood or natural disaster combined!

The best way to keep termites out of your home is to have an annual termite inspection. Not only will this determine whether you have active termites or termite damage or your property, it will determine whether there are any conditions around the home or building faults that will make a termite attack more likely. Although fixing these issues will significantly reduce the chances of a termite attack, to actually protect the building from termites, it is necessary to install a termite management system for termite protection.

A number of different termite treatment options are available, depending on the type of property – either a soil termite treatment or termite baiting system. Having a termite protection system in place is a smart investment, which gives peace of mind that your property is adequately protected between inspection visits. Termite damage is not covered by standard home insurance policies, so installing a termite management system gives that important peace of mind.

Blacktown – Interesting facts…

As a major residential area it has a large number of schools, sporting facilities and the Blacktown Arts Centre.

  • Blacktown is the largest township in NSW.
  • The traditional owners of the area are the Darug, Gomerigal and Wawarawarry peoples, with white settlers first moving into the area in 1791.
  • In 1823, a school for Aboriginal children was relocated to the area from Parramatta, and was named “The Blacks Town” from which it gets it name Blacktown.
  • The suburb Blacktown is home to the Blacktown City Council and has a major railway station and large Westpoint Shopping Centre.
  • As a major residential area it has a large number of schools, sporting facilities and the Blacktown Arts Centre.

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