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Don’t forget about the building and pest inspections!

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections
Blacktown and Western Sydney

If you’re thinking of buying a home, don’t forget about the building and pest inspections. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make, so you want to make sure you’re buying a sound property and not an expensive mistake!

Building and pest inspections will determine whether there are any issues which may impact the purchase decision or the price. Knowledge is power!

Serial Pest Control can organise both your building inspection and timber pest inspection. We use separate inspectors for both inspections – our customers prefer to have experts in their field and of course to two sets of eyes are always better than one, making sure nothing is missed!

We work for you as the buyer and not the real estate agent – we take our time to complete our inspections and won’t be rushed, so you get comprehensive inspection reports you can trust.

Building and Pest Inspections – General information


Pre-purchase inspection agreements need to be signed before we carry out any building and pest inspection. This is a requirement by the industry insurance companies and it ensures you have a full understanding of what is and isn’t included in a pre-purchase inspection.

It is important to understand that pre-purchase inspections are VISUAL inspections – we are not allowed to move items or damage surfaces and we are reliant on the owner to allow us access to all areas of the house and property. If we cannot access all the areas required, we will let you know in the report and recommend a further inspection once access has been granted.

What do you get with Serial Pest Control building and pest inspections?

  • Two separate inspectors; a building inspector and timber pest inspector
  • Experienced inspectors, licensed and fully insured to carry out building and pest inspections
  • All inspections are carried out to Australian Standards AS 4349
  • Inspections includes all indoor rooms, roof void and sub-floor (if present) plus outdoor areas on the property within 30m of the main building
  • Comprehensive 20+ page reports with photographs and recommendations

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections?

What is included in the timber pest inspection?

  • Timber pest inspections are carried out according to Australian Standards 4349.3-2010
  • Internal rooms, roof void, sub-floor (if present), garage, gardens and trees within the property boundry and within 30m of the main building
  • Use of moisture meter to detect leaks and areas of moisture
  • We use Termatrac termite detection device and thermal imaging cameras on all our Timber Pest Inspections at no extra cost!
  • The inspection will take 1.5-2 hours depending on the size of the property

What does the report include?

  • Reports the presence of timber pests (termites, borers, wood decay)
  • Information on any visible timber pest damage
  • Lists any construction issues and conducive conditions that may make a timber pest attack more likely
  • Photos of any issues identified
  • Recommendation regarding future timber pest management
Man inspecting for termites
Thermal camera showing areas of termite activity

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections?

How is the building inspection carried out?

  • Building inspections are carried out according to Australian Standards 4349.1
  • Inspection of internal rooms, roof void, sub-floor (if present), building externals, decking, steps, paths, driveways, retaining walls and fencing
  • Report on roof and guttering conditions, and any drainage issues
  • Use of moisture meter to detect leaks and areas of moisture behind walls
  • The report will take around 1.5 hours depending on the size of the property

What does the building inspection report include?

  • Reports on common building defects such as rising damp, leaks, drainage issues, cracked walls, leaking rooms and safety hazards, as well as the overall condition of the property
  • Highlights any significant building faults that could impact the value of the property or represent a safety hazard
  • Recommend any remedial actions that should be carried out to remedy the issues identified
  • Photos of any issues identified

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