Are birds causing problems at your house or business?

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Bird control or more accurately bird proofing is becoming increasingly important for both homeowners and businesses.

Bird droppings can cause a significant mess, causing damage to buildings, solar panels, food and products.

Birds also carry parasites and diseases, making them a significant health threat and can cause significant noise “pollution”.

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Professional Bird Proofing

At Serial Pest Control, we protect homes and businesses by using humane bird management techniques. We don’t kill birds but use a range of bird proofing products to exclude birds from an area, providing a long-lasting solution to your bird problem.

Designing a bird management system

Every situation is different, so we always carry out a full inspection to determine the species of bird present, map out nesting sites and building entry points, and document the issues at hand. This information allows us to design an appropriate bird proofing system for your situation. In designing the bird management system, we are aware homeowners and business owners are concerned about the appearance of their buildings and so we choose products that make the system as discreet as possible.

Bird netting

Bird netting is used to exclude birds from large areas. This technique is common in commercial buildings and warehouses, and as long as the birds are not present in the area to be excluded at the time of installation, it delivers an immediate impact. The dark coloured netting is also surprisingly hard to see and so discreet.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes consist of rows of spikes which are fixed to the ledge to be protected. They stop the birds landing on the ledges to nest or roost, thus preventing a build-up of droppings.

Electric bird deterrents

If a more discrete option is required, electric deterrents are a great option. They are ideal for parapets, roof peaks, beams, ledges etc. where visible bird proofing would impact building aesthetics. They send out a harmless pulse, every two to three seconds to prevent the birds landing.

Repellent bird gels

Repellent bird gels are a relatively new product. The gel refracts light, which looks like fire to the birds and therefore frightens them from the area. These are a great option for excluding birds from ledges.

Optical bird deterrents

Optical deterrents reflect light beams, including ultraviolet and infrared light. Some devices are used to repel birds from areas.

Solar panel bird proofing

Solar panels are an ideal roosting and nesting site for birds ­­– the area underneath the panels makes a safe place to nest, an area protected from predators and the elements. However, their bird droppings are messy and highly corrosive. Not only do their droppings make a mess, reducing the efficiency of the solar panels, but they actually corrode components of the panels causing permanent damage.

At Serial Pest we can install a solar panel bird proofing system to prevent birds nesting underneath the panels and can clean the panels annually to ensure they operate with maximum efficiency.

If you have spent the money to invest in solar panels, it makes sense to protect your investment with a solar panel bird proofing system.

The problems birds cause…

The problems cause by birds can be groups into three areas: damage, health and nuisance.

Damage caused by birds

  • Birds cause direct damage to crops, food and products, which they target for food
  • They cause spoilage to food and other goods with their droppings
  • Their droppings are acidic and corrode a variety of surfaces – the damage to buildings can be very costly

Birds are a health hazard

Birds carry a range of diseases such as Chlamydiosis (Psittacosis) and Salmonella. These can be transferred when they land on food items and also in the dust from nesting material

They carry a range of parasites, such as bird mites, which can get into buildings and bite humans

If their droppings are allowed to build up in areas where people walk, in addition to being unsightly they can actually become a serious slip hazard!

Birds cause noise pollution

  • Birds can just be a nuisance – when they are nesting or in roosting areas, the noise they create can be very disturbing

Early signs of a bird problem

A bird infestation – lots of birds, lots of noise or lots of droppings – is fairly obvious. However, you can pick up some early signs of a bird problem.

  • Regularly check your solar panels for droppings and also underneath the panels for nesting material
  • Are you seeing droppings concentrated in an area on a ledge or on the ground?
  • The noises in your roof may not be due to rats, it could be nesting birds.
  • In late winter / spring keep an eye out for birds which may be coming and going from your house – a good sign they are looking for a nesting site or maybe have already found one!
  • By aware of the types of bird in your area, especially if they are present in significant numbers. They may not be causing a problem at your home currently, but if there are large numbers of birds, there will be pressure on suitable nesting sites, so they will always be looking for a new place to roost and nest.

How to prevent a bird problem?

Preventing birds nesting or roosting on a building requires the services of a bird management professional. However, you can make your home or business less attractive to birds by making sure there is no food lying around (such as grain) and they don’t have access to food storage areas.

For complete and safe bird control call the experts at Serial Pest Control