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At Serial Pest Control, we are always ready to help protect homeowners and their businesses from unwanted pests. As our technicians are based in the local area, we understand the common pest problems that occur in Bella Vista and can respond quickly to any pest-related emergency.

Pest Control Services in Bella Vista

Our Serial Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and insured to provide a comprehensive range of pest control and termite services in Bella Vista, including:

If a particular pest is causing a problem either at home or in the workplace, our team can recommend a specialised pest treatment that will deal with the infestation. However, the best way to prevent pests from accessing indoor areas in the first instance is to have the property sprayed once a year. Spiders, cockroaches and ants will keep away after one of our general pest treatments.

Customers have the option to combine our services to make cost savings. For example, combining a general pest treatment with a termite inspection (which should take place every year) is both convenient and cost efficient.

Having a termite management plan is the best way to protect a property from termite damage, which incidentally, is not covered by standard home insurance policies. A comprehensive termite plan will see the installation of a termite management system that is maintained and inspected on an annual basis.

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Residential Pest Control

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Serial Pest Control are pest control experts that go that extra mile. Not only do we deliver guaranteed results, but we believe our customer service is second to none! If you need a pest professional and appreciate “old fashioned” customer service, please give us a call.

We are fully licenced and insured to carry out pest control, termite inspections and termite treatments and are happy to share our credentials on request.

As a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), customers can have confidence in the services provided by Serial Pest Control. 

Serial Pest Control provide a full range of pest control services to homeowners, as well as regular service plans for businesses, hotels, food businesses, shopping centres, industrial customers, government organisations, schools, healthcare facilities and more.

P.S. Our customers love us! And we love them… which is why all customers get one of our customer care packages.

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Key Pests in Bella Vista

The 20 hectares of green space comprising Bella Vista Farm Park make the suburb a haven for pests, including termites. Moisture, warmth and plenty of wood sources mean Bella Vista is a termite hotspot. Other common pests that we help customers deal with include spiders, cockroaches and ants, which are more of a problem during the warmer months. Rats and mice become an issue for many homeowners during the winter months, when the rodents seek shelter indoors, typically in subfloors and kitchen areas.

Termite Inspections and Treatments in Bella Vista

With Bella Vista having a number of large outdoor spaces and lakes, the suburb faces significant termite pressure as the conditions are just right for termites to thrive. Governments and building authorities recommend that homeowners have a termite inspection each year to assess the property and check for any signs of termite entry. After the inspection, our inspector will provide a report detailing the findings and will make recommendations for ways in which the property can be made more secure against termite entry.

The most effective way to protect a property is to have a termite treatment, which means installing a termite management system. Typically, the soil around and under the building will be treated with a termiticide, which forms a protective zone that termites will not want to cross. Termite baits are another highly effective option.

Bella Vista – Interesting facts

Bella Vista is a quiet suburb that is home to many exquisite two-storey homes, and is regarded as one of the most desirable suburbs in western Sydney. Its status is down to its prime location near the end of the Sydney M2 motorway, taking around 35 minutes to travel to the CBD. 

The area was used for agriculture by European settlers from the 1800s until the mid 1990s, when heavy development began. The boom in growth saw the suburb blossom into a well balanced residential and commercial area. Today, Bella Vista has parks, beautiful lakes, and great schools. The Norwest Business Park (pictured above) is the headquarters for several leading Australian brands, with its restaurants and bars creating a buzz in the evenings.

Despite modernisation the historic significance of the area is maintained, with The Hill Shire Council taking ownership of the homestead and old farm buildings of Bella Vista Farm Park, which is open to the public. 

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Banner image credit: Norwest Business Park