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Commercial Pest Control – Blacktown and Western Sydney

Serial Pest Control provide commercial pest control services to a full range of businesses and organisations, including:

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs & clubs
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Health and Aged Care Facilities
  • Educational facilities and Childcare
  • Office Spaces
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Real estate agents
  • Strata managers

Apart from keeping premises pest free, our customers appreciate our exceptional customer service – great communication, punctual arrival and flexibility in arranging visit times around your services.

Fully licensed and insured, Serial Pest Control can keep your business pest free and compliant with all necessary regulations.

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Why choose Serial Pest Control as your pest control provider?

  • Experience and knowledgeable team
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Exceptional customer service
    • Fast response
    • Flexible appointments as required (weekends / after hours)
    • Punctual
    • Discreet service
    • Great communication
  • Compliance documentation

Keeping organisations pest free is a joint effort between Serial Pest Control and our customers. We will put in place a pest management program for your facility – we will implement the necessary pest control measures, but often the customer will need to action the recommended hygiene and other pest prevention activities to make their facility less attractive to pests.

Depending on the facility and the pest problem, a regular service program is generally required, with monthly or quarterly visits the most common programs.

If you are concerned about pests at your workplace, call Serial Pest Control now to see how we can help.

For professional, reliable, safe and discreet commercial pest control call the experts at Serial Pest Control

Which sectors do we service?

Serial Pest Control provide services to a wide range of commercial sectors and have highlighted the key sectors below. Although we appraise each individual facility to determine the nature of the pest problem, we find most of the commercial pest problems are due to cockroaches, rodents and birds.

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Clubs

Keeping food service establishments free of pests is a must from a health and safety point of view and the impact of just one adverse social media post can have a big financial impact!

We create a Pest Service Register for your business which not only keeps a record of our services but also lists the actions we recommend you carry out to prevent a pest problem – hygiene activities and other pest prevention measures. Not only is this a great communication tool, but it is also vital for when the health and safety inspector visits!

Retail Stores

Retail stores provide pests with multiple entry points, especially in densely populated shopping centres. Rodents and cockroaches require regular service plans to keep them at bay. Although they may not always be seen by customers (as they tend to be nocturnal), they can cause damage to stock, displays and electrical equipment.

Serial Pest Control have experience in providing pest control services to both individual stores and shopping centres and understand the need for discreet servicing – both in terms of the products used and in terms of the timing of the treatment.

Office Spaces

It’s important that all employers provide a safe environment for their office staff and visitors, minimising the spread of disease and germs from common pests that may cause related staff sick leave.

In most cases this means focusing on pest issues around office kitchens and carparks. However, it is important to ensure the building and utilities are protected. Fittings and stock, computer equipment, air conditioners, phone systems and network cables are particularly at risk from rodents and cockroaches. Indeed, rodent damage to electrical cabling is thought to be the cause of many fires which have an “unexplained cause”.

Serial Pest Control work with your facility manager to ensure a suitable pest service program is in place, with service visits planned for out of office hours when appropriate.

Health Care & Aged Care Facilities

We understand that your patients’ health comes first and keeping the facility hygienically clean and pest free is paramount.

In developing a pest management program for your facility, a detailed inspection and discussion with your facility manager is an important first step before drawing up a suitable management plan. We need to protect the facility against the key pests that can represent a heath and contamination threat, particularly mice, rats, flies, cockroaches and ants.

The pest management plan will include a series of pest prevention measures to stop pests entering the building. This will reduce pest problems and minimise insecticide use. However, if preventative pest treatments are required, we consider patients safety first in terms of product choice and application. For example, we always use lockable rodent bait stations, placed in discreet locations.

Pest Control for Education and Childcare

It goes without saying that educational establishments need to be a safe and pest free environment for children, students and staff.

Rodent, cockroach and ant problems are common in educational establishments due to the levels of rubbish and food available. Good hygiene practices and pest prevention in food preparation and eating areas form the basis of a good pest management program. Serial Pest Control can also provide treatments of grass areas where children may play to eliminate biting ants.

We will work with you to carry out treatments out of school hours and use products and control techniques that are safe for use in such sensitive environment.

Hotels and Motels

Keeping your hotel or motel pest free is vital it you don’t want it to be guest free! An unwanted pest problem and negative social media review can have a serious impact on a business.

At Serial Pest we know that pest prevention is the best option for the hospitality industry, and we work with our customers to put in a pest management plan that keeps their hotel and guests protected. We also understand that although guests want a pest free environment, they don’t actually want to see pest control in practice, so we work with you to apply any pest treatments in a discreet manner.

Our aim is to keep your hotel pest free, your rooms available 24/7 and your guestsyou’re your reputation protected.

Real Estate Agents

Serial Pest Control provide a full range of pest control services to support real estate agents in their property management and property sales activities:

  • Full range of pest control treatments
  • End-of-lease treatments
  • Termite inspections for landlords
  • Pre-purchase timber pest inspections for property buyers

Our real estate agent customers get priority service, making you look good to tenants, landlords and purchasers – we go that extra mile!

Strata Managers

Pest Control for unit and townhouse complexes is more than just a quick spray once a year. Keeping the common areas pest free is obviously desirable for all residents, but keeping the buildings rodent free is a health and safety issue – not only do they pass on diseases, but their gnawing can damage utilities and even cause fires. We inspect the facility and work with the strata manager to put in place the most appropriate pest management place, be it annual, quarterly or monthly treatments. Annual termite inspections are often overlooked but are still a must for all building types.

Although strata managers are responsible for the common areas and buildings, treatment of individual units and townhouses is also required for a successful overall pest management plan. Serial Pest Control also offer residential pest control at discounted rates to owners and tenants when we can treat multiple units in one visit.

For professional, reliable, safe and discreet commercial pest control call the experts at Serial Pest Control