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We provide professional pest control and termite services to homeowners and businesses in Marsden Park. We are always on call to protect your home or business against unwanted pests and can help quickly in case of any “pest emergency” that might happen. Our technicians live and work in the Parramatta area, so we are locals supporting locals.

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Residential Pest Control

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Pest Control Services in Marsden Park

Our Serial Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and equipped to provide a comprehensive range of pest control services in Marsden Park, including:

Lots of our customers like to keep the number of pests entering their home to a minimum by having a ‘spider spray’ once a year. This is a general pest treatment that targets most of the usual pests that people want to keep outdoors – cockroaches, ants and spiders, to name a few. Scheduling a spray treatment each year is very effective in keeping pest numbers down. If one particular pest is causing a problem in your home, we have a number of solutions to target specific pests that can be tailored to suit your specific situation.

Dealing with termites requires a different approach, as their biology and behaviour is different to most common pests. As subterranean insects, they can easily access a building and cause damage without being seen. Having a professional termite inspection once a year is an important step to lower the potential risk of termite damage. Scheduling a termite inspection at the same time as a general pest treatment is a good option.

Serial Pest Control also provide professional commercial pest control services to businesses and organisations in Marsden Park.

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Serial Pest Control are pest control experts that go that extra mile. Not only do we deliver guaranteed results, but we believe our customer service is second to none! If you need a pest professional and appreciate “old fashioned” customer service, please give us a call.

We are fully licenced and insured to carry out pest control, termite inspections and termite treatments and are happy to share our credentials on request.

As a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), customers can have confidence in the services provided by Serial Pest Control. 

Serial Pest Control provide a full range of pest control services to homeowners, as well as regular service plans for businesses, hotels, food businesses, shopping centres, industrial customers, government organisations, schools, healthcare facilities and more.

P.S. Our customers love us! And we love them… which is why all customers get one of our customer care packages.

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Key Pests in Marsden Park

The temperate climate in Western Sydney creates excellent conditions for many pests. Termites, in particular, thrive in warm and damp conditions, so homeowners in Marsden Park should always be on high alert for termite activity.

We receive the highest number of calls from customers during the warmer months, from spring through till late autumn. This is when the common pests are at their most active. Cockroaches are never far away in any home; keeping potential food sources (food scraps, cardboard) is a good idea. Spiders both venomous and harmless will inevitably find their way indoors, so care needs to be taken, especially around children and pets. Ants tend to appear in early summer and can cause problems both indoors and outdoors, in lawns and around paved areas. Rodents are somewhat of a winter pest, as the cooler months see them heading indoors to make nests inside – often inside people’s homes!

Having a regular general pest treatment is an easy and effective way to keep the number of pests entering your home to a minimum. It also makes it much less likely for any kind of infestation to take hold.

Termite Inspections and Treatments in Marsden Park

With termites spending most of their time underground or covered by protective mud tubes, they are incredibly difficult to spot. Having a professional termite inspection every year is a precaution every homeowner should take, as it is an effective way to minimise the amount of damage termites can cause. The inspection report is a useful tool for identifying weak spots in the property that might allow termites to gain access easily. If termites are discovered during the inspection, we can quickly initiate a suitable termite treatment.

The highest level of termite protection on offer is a termite management system, of which there are a few different types. For example, a baiting system involves placing bait stations around the perimeter of the property at regularly spaced intervals. This is ideal for homes that might be close to waterways or are built on piers. A liquid soil treatment is another type of system, which involves applying termiticide to the soil around the property.

Having a termite management system installed is a very good way to stop termites from accessing your home without being seen. Having a system in place, which is checked annually by one of our professional inspectors, is the gold standard in termite prevention for homeowners.

Marsden Park – Interesting Facts

Historical Significance: Aboriginal people belonging to the Darug tribe lived in the area prior to European settlement, which began in 1791. Marsden Park was named after Samuel Marsden, a Church of England Minister who settled in the area.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces: Livvi’s Place Elara is a huge, contemporary children’s playground that opened in 2019. The park includes a scooter/bike track, a water playground and flying fox and caters for children of all ages and abilities.

Local Attractions: The Lindt Chocolate Factory Outlet on Hollinsworth Road is the suburb’s top attraction. The $60 million purpose-built facility opened in 2016 as part of the wider $2.9 billion investment in the Sydney Business Park. The large ASICS Outlet Store is popular with shoppers.

Educational Institutions: The suburb has four schools, the oldest of which is Marsden Park Public School, which opened in 1889. Northbourne Public School is the newest school, which opened in 2021.

Transport Connections: The suburb is well serviced by buses but lacks a train station. Future proposed infrastructure includes a Marsden Park rail line that will connect Marsden Park to the North West Rail Link.

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